Hello and welcome … the new site is underway!

Please bear with us … we’re currently migrating our old site to this new one and it’s being done in stages.  We have 10 years worth of radio shows to move.  So far, we have last year’s shows moved over, with nine more years to follow. We aim to have the migration completed, and new content added, by April 10th, 2017.

Meanwhile, see the Categories box to the right?  Click on that and select a genre, or click on Show Archives above to listen to a podcast from our most recent archives.

Join us LIVE on Mondays at noon PT / 3:00 pm ET, and again during Friday morning drive time at 6:00 am PT on Seattle’s KKNW am1150 & FM KVRQ 98.9HD3. Or listen worldwide online.

Until next time, thanks for your patience.

Live well. Live strong.  ~ Vicki