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NOV 20: How to Survive Your Childhood with Ira Israel & Supernormal with Dr. Meg Jay, PhD

Okay, so you’re all grown up, but are the stories you learned as a child still getting in the way? You know the ones we mean: You’re not enough. Not smart enough. Talented enough. Pretty enough.

You fluctuate between self-confidence and self-doubt. And those conflicting feelings can leave you depressed or anxious or both.

Blending eastern and western philosophies, licensed psychotherapist and relationship counselor, Ira Israel, will share how to transcend childhood-assumed-realities in How to Survive Your Childhood: Now That You’re An Adult: A Path to Authenticity and Awakening.

Later, whether it is bullying, the loss of a loved one, domestic violence, neglect, or emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, early adversities are experienced by nearly 75% of us.  

In Supernormal, TED speaker and author, Meg Jay, PhD, combines cutting edge research with two decades of experience.  We’ll discuss how “supernormal” adults have overcome adversity to change our world, and share skills and tools we can use to build resilience.

Dr. Jay is a clinical psychologist and narrative nonfiction writer.  Her work has appeared in numerous media outlets including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA TodayPsychology Today, and on the BBC, NPR, and TED.

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NOV 06: Manhattan Beach with Pulitzer Winner Jennifer Egan & Technically Wrong with Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Set on the Brooklyn docks during the World War II era, Manhattan Beach seamlessly intertwines the stories of a man working for both the union and the mob, his daughter, the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s only female diver, and a shady, but charismatic, nightclub owner.

Jennifer Egan is the author of several novels and a short story collection, including  A Visit From the Goon Squad, which won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Los Angeles Times book prize.

Also, Sara Wachter-Boettcher presents an informed and compassionate critique of the technology industry in Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech.

Sara Wachter-Boettcher is a Philadelphia-based consultant where she helps organizations make sense of digital content. She speak at conferences worldwide and has authored two previous books for web pros.

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OCT 30: Reclaim Your Body Now & Be A Force for Change with Fierce Kindness

An insult at the age of 11 can stay with you forever, much as a scar from a car wreck, or other tragedy that marks you physically. Suzanne Scurlock-Durana has discovered a way to reconnect to your body’s intrinsic wisdom and begin the healing process from within in Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom.

After decades of perfecting her methods of awakening the body’s innate wisdom, Suzanne created the comprehensive Healing From the Core training curriculum in 1994. Today it includes a robust selection of international workshops, webinars, speaking engagements and audio programs.

When was the last time you shone a little light in the world while simultaneously making your own life better?

In Fierce Kindness: Be A Positive Force for Change, Melanie Salvatore-August provides an easy to follow recipe to combine compassion and courage into an elixir of uplifting action.

Melanie is an experienced life coach, yoga teacher, and Reiki healer who travels the country, speaking about creating a movement of positivity.

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OCT 23: A Life in Novels with Kathleen Hill & Life is a Musical with Tim Ferdele

When books come to you at the just the right time, they can change your life. Kathleen Hill’s new memoir, She Read to Us in the Late Afternoons: A Life in Novels, explores defining moments of a life illuminated by novels.

Kathleen is a noted author who teaches in the MFA program at Sarah Lawrence College.  Her first two books have received critical acclaim and her stories have appeared in numerous collections.

Everything Tim Federle knows about life he learned from doing theater – think Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with Jazz Hands. Life is Like a Musical: How to Live, Love, and Lead Like a Star is designed for anyone who wants to find and live by their own song, whatever that means to them.

Tim is a Broadway dancer-turned-author who won awards for his Young Adult books and pun-tastic cocktail novels, and works with Fox Animation in developing new projects.

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Aug 07: Award Winning Summer Reads

The dog days of summer are upon us, and the cool evening breezes bring about the perfect time to settle on the back porch with a glass of wine and a good book.

Our first guest today delivers a compelling exploration of family, politics, and the fight for racial equality in her debut novel, The Talented Ribkins.  Author Ladee Hubbard won both the 2016 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer’s Award and the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition in the Short Story category.

Glen Erik Hamilton’s debut novel, Past Crimes, was wildly successful, and he returns today to discuss the third novel in the lauded Van Shaw series, Every Day Above Ground.

Glen will also share his approach to living up to the lofty expectations set by his first two books, and what it takes to develop a realistic character who grows with the series.

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Jan 09: 1] The Wrong Dog 2] The Seventh Plague

From NY Times Bestselling author David Elliot Cohen comes the heartwarming and often hilarious tale of Simba II, a mischevious white labrador retriever puppy bought home by accident. Included in The Wrong Dog: An Unlikely Tale of Unconditional Love is the author’s 3300 mile cross-country odyssey that chronicles the unbreakable bond between a dog and it’s people.

Bestselling mastermind James Rollins joins Vicki today to discuss the latest entry in his popular Sigma Series. The Seventh Plague blends scientific intrigue with historical mystery, and reveals an ancient threat hidden within the pages of the Bible that has a puzzling connection to Mark Twain’s travels, the genius of Nikola Tesla, and the adventures of explorer Henry Morgan Stanley.

Listen to Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair every Monday at noon Pacific on KKNW 1150AM or 94.9FM HD. For exclusive updates throughout the rest of the week, like us on Facebook, and follow Vicki St. Clair on Twitter!

David Elliot Cohen demonstrates with great precision the vast and benevolent role dogs play in American family life in his latest effort, The Wrong Dog: An Unlikely Tale of Unconditional Love. As the accidentally adopted new family member grows from an energetic puppy into an enormous ninety-pound dog with a huge personality, Simba cements the bond between two families and enriches their lives in countless ways. A Yale graduate, David has produced numerous titles for Barnes & Noble’s in-house publishing division including four presidential photo-biographies and a book about the power of socially-conscious photojournalism. As an editor and author, he has created books that have sold over 6 million copies worldwide, including 4 NY Times bestsellers.

Featuring an ‘Elon Musk’ like character and a unique perspective on the friendship between Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla, The Seventh Plague by James Rollins weaves several relevant themesthroughout including Trump, Tesla and a secret energy source; whether or not a virus could cause one of the biblical plagues, and the frightening reality of electric-eating bacteria. James Rollins is a New York Times bestselling author of international thrillers, translated into more than forty languages. In each novel, James unveils unseen worlds, scientific breakthroughs, and historical secrets…and he does it all at breakneck speed and with stunning insight.

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Dec 05: 1] Holiday Book Ideas 2] Sacred Goddess 2.0

Today we welcome the owner of Seattle’s Phinney Books, Tom Nissley, to discuss great holiday gift ideas surrounding reading and books. Phinney books is one of the region’s last independent book stores. Besides being a book devotee, Tom was a Jeopardy finalist, winning eight games and becoming the 3rd biggest money winner in the history of the show.

You are not alone if you believe domination and authoritarian patriarchy are destroying countless lives and our planet. There is a more sustainable alternative to be found in the ancient teachings of Goddess Spirituality. Karen Tate returns today to discuss her latest work in Goddess 2.0: Advancing a New Path Forward.

Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair airs Mondays at noon Pacific or Fridays at 6AM on KKNW 1150AM or 94.9FM HD. Like us on Facebook and follow Vicki on Twitter for exclusive updates and contests!

After his big success on Jeopardy, Tom Nissley used his winnings to to quit his 10-year job as part of Amazon’s book team, and write his own book. Then he opened Phinney Books two years ago and now lives just eight blocks from the store. “We make a special effort to have interesting reading in fiction, kids’ books, essays, history, cookbooks, music, technology, cities, nature and science, graphic novels, diaries, and letters. We also sell a selection of paper goods, puzzles, toys, games, and chocolates, and we’ll always have lots of NYRB Classics on hand,” said Nissley.

Exiled for a time, but making a return, the Sacred Feminine has become indelibly integrated into our lives. Using the wisdom and activism suggested in Goddess 2.0: Advancing a New Path Forward, we see through the lens of spiritual, cultural and political leaders, old and new, male and female to bring about a brighter and more positive future. Author Karen Tate is a teacher, speaker, radio show host and social justice activist. Named One of the 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality and a Wisdom Keeper of the Goddess Spirituality Movement, Karen hosts the long-running show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Blog Talk Radio.

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Nov 28: 1] The Deepest Roots 2] Adopt A Book

In The Deepest Roots: Finding Food and Community on a Pacific Northwest Island, Kathleen Alcalá walks, wades, picks, pokes, digs, cooks, and cans, getting to know her neighbors on a much deeper level. She learns to better understand how we once fed ourselves, acknowledging that there may be a future in which we could need to do so again. Combining memoir, historical records, and a blueprint for sustainability, Kathleen shows us how an island population can mature into responsible food stewards.

Also today, best-selling author and returning guest Katherine Neville joins us to talk about Smithsonian Libraries Adopt-A-Book Program.

Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair airs Mondays at noon Pacific or Fridays at 6AM on KKNW 1150AM or 94.9FM HD. Like us on Facebook and follow Vicki on Twitter for exclusive updates and contests!

As friends began “going back to the land” at the same time that a health issue emerged, Kathleen Alcalá set out to re-examine her relationship with food at the most local level. Remembering her parents, Mexican immigrants who grew up during the Depression, and the memory of planting, growing, and harvesting fresh food with them as a child, she decided to explore the history of the Pacific Northwest island she calls home. The result was The Deepest Roots: Finding Food and Community on a Pacific Northwest Island, written to remind the reader that innovation, adaptation, diversity, and common sense will help us make wise decisions about our future. Kathleen is the author of a collection of essays, The Desert Remembers My Name: On Family and Writing; three novels, including Treasures in Heaven; and a collection of short stories. She lives on Bainbridge Island.

Katherine Neville is a best-selling author and public speaker who had the honor of being the first author chosen to become a member the Advisory Board of the Smithsonian Libraries in Washington, DC. As a great devotee of reading and research herself, Neville has co-created several awards and grants presented by the Smithsonian Libraries.

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Nov 14: 1] Make Peace with Your Mind 2] Start Right Where You Are

We are our own worst critics due to that intruding inner voice that always makes us second-guess ourselves every step of the way… is it not good enough, or maybe too much… might as well give up, right? Now you can defeat that inner critic thanks to bestselling author and renowned meditation teacher Mark Coleman, who offers practical tools to shut that voice up for good in Make Peace with Your Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Your Inner Critic.

Nineteen years ago, Sam Bennett was couch-bound and depressed and not in the mood for the famous self-help book her friends gave her to cheer her up. But as she adapted its ideas to her own life over time, she became a believer and her subsequent success in creating her own company inspired her to write Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers, and Recovering Perfectionists.

Enjoy this encore presentation of Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair and tune in every Monday at noon Pacific or Fridays at 6AM on KKNW 1150AM or 94.9FM HD. Like us on Facebook and follow Vicki on Twitter for exclusive updates and contests!

At times the Inner Critic… that voice that makes us second-guess our every step by saying “not enough,” “not good enough,” or sometimes “too much,”… can be so strong that it feels invincible, but bestselling author and renowned meditation teacher Mark Coleman promises that it is not in Make Peace with Your Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Your Inner Critic. Mark is the founder of the Mindfulness Institute and has guided students on five continents as a corporate consultant, counselor, meditation teacher, and wilderness guide.

Author Sam Bennett uses 66 small, easily doable changes you can make to achieve their goals and dreams in Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers, and Recovering Perfectionists. Readers will learn to get over their fear of success, figure out how to pick a great project, and find or build their “tribe” … a community of like-minded people who will support them, celebrate them, and cherish their involvement in their lives. Sam created The Organized Artist Company to help creative people get unstuck and achieve their goals. She is a writer, actor, teacher, and creativity/productivity specialist who has counseled thousands of artists and entrepreneurs on their way to success.

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Oct 17: 1] The 5 Roles of a Master Herder 2] Pivot: What is Your Next Move?

For thousands of years, herding cultures have perfected the art of leadership through the use of 5 specific roles utilized by the “master herder.” Author and teacher Linda Kohanov has explored “the way of the horse” and discovered that all 5 of these roles translate into modern society as well. Learn to recognize, cultivate and utilize these roles within your life and career in The Five Roles of a Master Herder: A Revolutionary Model for Socially Intelligent Leadership.

“Changes aren’t permanent, but change is.” (Rush, Tom Sawyer, © 1981 Mercury Records) If change is going to be a constant, then instead of fighting it, why not get better at it? Pivot: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One by career strategist Jenny Blake helps you discover your strengths and prepare yourself for whatever is next on the horizon, be it a new job, promotion, or even starting your own business.

Catch Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair every Monday at noon Pacific on KKNW 1150AM or 94.9FM HD. Like us on Facebook and follow Vicki on Twitter for exclusive updates and contests!

Across several bestselling books, author and teacher Linda Kohanov has explored ?the way of the horse,? an experiential wisdom gained by studying the nonpredatory power of horses. InThe Five Roles of a Master Herder: A Revolutionary Model for Socially Intelligent Leadership, she adapts these horse-inspired insightscombining the five roles… dominant, leader, sentinel, nurturer/companion, and predator… into useful tools for developing collaborative leadership and managing change. Linda speaks and teaches internationally. She established Eponaquest Worldwide to explore the healing potential of working with horses and offer programs on everything from emotional and social intelligence, leadership, stress reduction, and parenting to consensus building and mindfulness.

In Pivot: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One, author Jenny Blake supplies the answer to anyone asking “What’s next?” With an easy to decipher four-stage process, the reader learns to double-down on existing strengths, interests, and experiences, find new opportunities, identify skills, and take smart risks. After two years at an Internet start-up followed by five and a half years at Google, Jenny left corporate life in 2011 to focus on serving others and building her business full-time, and to unequivocally prioritize her health and happiness while doing it.

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