Meet Your Host – Vicki St. Clair

Curious. Compassionate. Committed.

Vicki St. Clair, Host of Conversations Live.

Vicki St. Clair.

After talking with over 1,500 guests, and producing more than 900 shows, hosting Conversations Live continues to be THE best gig,” says Vicki.

It’s such a fun and enriching experience ... an opportunity to talk with some of the world’s leading experts, mentors, and most interesting and creative people.

Listeners tell me they love the variety of our guests and wide-range of topics that we cover. They enjoy hearing positive talk, and ways to better their lives, versus the shock-jock and negative talk that’s rampant today.

Life’s not without adversity. But if we can help lift and inspire even one person, we’re moving in the right direction. My goal is to bring you great guests, interesting content,  and have fun doing it – one word at a time.  It might be my name on the show, but our listeners and guests are most definitely the stars.

Hope you’ll join us.  Live well, live strong!”

Our Guests

You’ll hear from #1 NYT bestselling authors, Academy winning filmmakers, National Geographic explorers, Pulitzer Prize recipients, and award-winning journalists. Innovative business and thought leaders. Cutting-edge medical researchers and health professionals. And ordinary people leading extraordinary lives.

Collage of radio producers and host at work.

Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair – it takes a village.

Listen to a NEW PODCAST every Wednesday.

More than 900 shows. Over 1500 guest interviews.

Our Show

Voted the #1 Weekly Show for 10 consecutive years, the show is approaching it’s 20th year.

You can find all of our most recent podcasts right here on Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair.

We began our journey on KKNW with Sandusky, then Hubbard Radio, where KKNW Producer Eric Reidar kept us live on-air. And was our audio producer for 15+years.

Audio Producer David Vandver 

The unflappable David Vandver has been an integral part of Conversations Live for 15+ years. He began as an associate producer, and is now our podcast Audio Producer.

In addition to writing screenplays, David’s performed on radio and in standup comedy … which explains why his late-night, rambling emails are often hilarious.

Beyond the Show

Vicki St. Clair is a Storyteller – An  Award-winning Writer, Producer, Communications & Media Professional.  It’s ALL About People & Their Stories.

Vicki St. Clair reading for show preparation.

Preparing notes for Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair.

For more than 20 years, Vicki has worked in the US and Europe successfully writing, directing, and producing an extensive range of editorial, broadcast, and commercial projects.

Her writing extends to national and international publications, including New York Times, USA Today, and London Times bestselling anthologies.

Vicki created Conversations LIVE in 2007 and has produced a weekly show ever since.

Prior to launching the show, she hosted The Vicki St. Clair Interviews for almost three years with Positive Choice Talk Radio, on KKNW, Sandusky Radio.

Born and raised in England, Vicki is based in Seattle, and loves traveling and working in the field.  Her two mantras: “Have laptop. Will travel.” And “Your life is your story. Write it well. Edit often.”

Clients, Associates, Partners

Vicki is privileged to work on a diverse range of projects with many talented professionals and dynamic organizations. Some have included: ITV-UK, National Geographic, Channel 4, BBC, Dorling Kindersley, BCTV Canada, WNET, WETC, Overseas TV, PBS, NPR, Penguin Press, Vogue, Self, Shape, More, Cosmopolitan, RealNetworks, Walt Disney, Amazon, Microsoft, Citigroup, WA Schools, Sony, Intel, Citigroup, Simon & Schuster, Doubleday, Hyperion Publishing.

The Real Head Honcho

Dylan Thomas, Border Collie in ocean, Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair

Dylan Thomas, Border Collie Boss, Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair.

Border Collie, Dylan Thomas, hangs out at Vicki’s writing studio every day, keeping things calm when deadlines loom, checking the FedEx box for parcels, ensuring the snack box is filled … and generally making sure things are in good Border Collie Order. (Border Collie owners will get that!)

When he’s not dreaming of Precious the Pitbull, Dylan reminds his human to take regular breaks and step away from The Boring Box, aka the computer.

At 16 years of age, he’s mastered the art of Zen and lives in the moment with joie de vivre. He encourages you to do the same.

Of course, if steak or cookies or raccoons are involved, he might have a momentary lapse … but we’ll keep that to ourselves.