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But radio advertising is expensive, right?  No … it’s surprisingly affordable.

And here are 6 proven reasons to call us today and get your campaign “on-air”.

1. Radio advertising is affordable and effective
It’s true … radio campaigns are far more affordable than you might think and typically offer greater value than TV, print, and even online advertising. Radio campaigns can save you time, money, and headaches because compared to other media, they’re inexpensive to produce, quick and easy to modify (based on changing business needs), and fast to “on-air”.

2. Radio is immediate … your messages are always relevant and timely
Radio has a short lead time, allowing us to deliver quality campaigns in days, versus weeks or months for TV and print. We offer completely customized radio campaigns – and unlike TV or print advertising – modifications and promotional updates can be turned around quickly. That means lower production costs for you and shorter delay times. Plus, your message stays relevant and timely.

3. Our show reaches a large, established, and valued audience
Strategic alignment with the right partner provides instant reach to a target audience that’s already segmented. Your message connects with people who are already engaged with our show. They know Vicki St. Clair. They trust Conversations LIVE. And that makes them far more likely to engage with our recognized partners.

4. Partnering with Conversations LIVE eliminates the middle man
Working with us means no middle man to pay. So you save money, in addition to having direct access to our team of media professionals, including our Executive Producer – a strategic marketing and communications expert delivering large media-agency value.

5. Radio provides the most intimate advertising platform
Radio advertising comes closest to “Word of Mouth” marketing – one of the most effective and trusted forms of advertising. Listeners often tune in to talk radio when they’re alone, which creates a more personal connection
between listener and host – that connection with a trusted voice builds a feeling of intimacy. A new customer is far more likely to buy from someone they know, like, and trust. And our listeners know that we partner only with people and businesses we’re aligned with.

6. Unique and customized campaigns just for you
We could give you a dozen or more reasons to advertise with, or sponsor a show on Conversations LIVE with Vicki St. Clair. But each campaign is uniquely customized to meet a client’s specific needs. Call us today and let’s chat about you, your business, your campaign goals, and desired outcome. We’ll work closely with you to help create a winning campaign, whether you’re looking to sell a product or service, expand your reach, increase awareness, or simply connect.

… so what are you waiting for?

Call 1.800.495.7617 or email us today.  Free consultation. No obligation.