They are the first people to head up a new business unit, lead a cross-company initiative, or take an overseas assignment. These are the corporate edgewalkers of today, visionaries who think outside of the box and look to the future impacts of today’s actions. Today Vicki talks with certified edgewalker Patricia Varley to find out how vital these unconventional people are to today’s business world. Later, Vicki is joined by an author who takes an intimate look at the true story of the Caton sisters.

Taken literally, an edgewalker is someone who walks between two worlds. In ancient cultures, each village had a shaman or medicine man who would visit the “other” world to obtain vital information, guidance, and healing powers to enhance the future of the tribe. In today’s world, corporate edgewalkers run on a parallel line to their ancient counterparts. Often clashing with the more rule-bound colleagues, and even more often frustrated by the structures that emphasize traditional measures of attaining results over more creative impulses, these edgewalkers are an absolute neccessity for a business to remain competitive in this fast-changing, diverse, and globalized environment. Patricia Varley is a certified edgewalker coach and facilitator. She conducts retreats and workshops, providing transformational leadership to corporate executives, focusing on integrating personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

Fans of Downtown Abbey won’t want to miss Vicki’s second guest today. Jehanne Wake is an Oxford graduate who specializes in writing biographies, especially those about women and royalty. Sisters of Fortune is her meticulously researched book on the Caton sisters, arguably America’s first heiresses!

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