Diane Hammond uses real life experience to spin this tale of four teens attempting to find the elusive path to stardom in Hollywood. Lucia Rene expands our consciousness with her novel of three women trained in the mystical arts. And Lisa Shannon’s dangerous journey into the Congo.

Diane Hammond is a critically acclaimed author and native of the Pacific Northwest. She has been active as an editor and spokesperson for various causes, including the Free Willy Keiko Foundation and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Her latest book, Seeing Stars, chronicles the fictitious tale of four wannabe stars and their trials and tribulations as they try to find success in Hollywood.
It might be easier to list what the versatile Lucia Rene hasn’t done as opposed to what she has. She has alternately spent time as a professional actress, computer science consultant, and teacher of self-discovery. With nearly 40 years experience in the exploration of consciousness, she has been ordained as a Buddhist monk, having served a 17 year apprenticeship to an enlightened master. Her book,Unplugging The Patriarchy examines the experiences of three women trained in the mystical arts as they unite to take apart the 5000 year old Patriarchy and usher in a new age of balance and expanded consciousness.

Lisa Shannon had a successful business, a fiancé, a home, and security—but her life changed forever after watching an exposé on the Congo. On April 12th in Seattle, the World Affairs Council will host a talk with Lisa Shannon based on her upcoming memoir—A Thousand Sisters: My Journey Into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman.

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