If the thought of dealing with lawyers makes your stomach churn, learn more about the kinder, gentler approach of Holistic Law.

Jamie Clausen is the founder of Phinney Estate Law right here in Seattle. The holistic approach requires Jamie to get to know her clients as people … “they’re more than just their legal problems”. Getting to know their values, personal priorities, and families allows Jamie to look at the bigger picture when planning and resolving legal issues. It also means that clients get to know their attorney better, making them feel more comfortable during potentially difficult times. Join us for Holistic Law and Estate Planning: who needs to plan, why you need to plan, how to plan, and what might happen if you don’t! Listen to Podcast with Jamie Clausen below.

In the second half of the show: Are you in a dead-end relationship? Do you constantly put yourself down? Do you look for Mr. True Blue only to find Mr. Infidelity? Do you feel more like a doormat than a person? Well, if you’re tired of everyone telling you to stop being a fool for love, Dr. Debra Mandel joins Vicki to tell us how to Dump that Chump! Dr. Mandel is a renowned relationship expert, and a regularly featured guest expert in all forms of media: television, print, and radio. She’s also a speaker and a columnist, and has spoken and written about hundreds of topics ? specifically in self development, relationships and family topics.

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