Harvard Medical School psychologist and Huffington Post blogger Dr. Craig Malkin addresses the “narcissism epidemic” by illuminating the spectrum of narcissism, ways to control the trait, and explaining how too little of it may be a bad thing in his new book, Rethinking Narcissism: The Bad – And Surprising Good – About Feeling Special.

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The word “narcissist” immediately calls to mind negative stigma, things such as egomania, arrogance, etc. Casually invoked, we tend to be referring to the shadowy outer edge of the spectrum, which can shade into dangerous psychopathy. Yet there are those who live at narcissism’s lower spectrum. These people are termed “echoists” by Dr. Craig Malkin, author of Rethinking Narcissism: The Bad – And Surprising Good – About Feeling Special, in which he explores the complex nature of narcissism and debunks myths to show the readers not only how to develop a healthy sense of it, but also deal with narcissistic friends and family members. Dr. Malkin is an author, clinical psychologist, and Instructor of Psychology for Harvard Medical School with two decades of experience helping individuals, couples, and families. His articles, advice and insights on relationships have appeared in Psychology Today, Marie Claire, and Women’s and Men’s Health Magazines and at Huffington Post and Match.com’s Happen Magazine, and he has been a featured commentator on NPR and Fox news.

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