Family law attorney Gemma Allen is co-author of The New Love Deal: Everything You MUST Know Before Marrying, Moving In, or Moving On, bringing one of three unique perspectives to the thorny dilemma’s surrounding co-habitation issues such as raising a family out of wedlock, same-sex marriage, buying property together, and how social media clauses have become part of shaping our relationships.

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A rising number of couples are choosing not to wed yet raising families and buying property together, same-sex marriage is becoming commonplace, and now social media clauses are becoming part and parcel in our relationships. The New Love Deal: Everything You MUST Know Before Marrying, Moving In, or Moving On is the response crafted by three professionals in three different fields, delivering a view from the bar with today’s guest family attorney Gemma Allen, along with a view from the bench with Judge Michele Lowrance and a view from the bottom line with finanacial advisor Terry Savage. This book covers it all, from Pre-nups and Co-nups, including how to have “the conversation” and how to interpret your partner’s views, guidelines and myths about the Pre-nup, and the kinds of issues that will creep up in day-to-day and longer term situations. Gemma Allen is a prominent Chicago divorce attorney who specializes in litigating the dissolution of relationships that may have been saved if the parties had addressed certain issues earlier. She contributes regularly to legal journals and has frequently appeared on television as an expert guest on relationship issues.

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