In his latest book, Healing, author and healer David Elliott challenges the reader to find what is standing in the way of well-being. He believes so strongly in his message, he offers the book free of charge at his website,

Valerie Harms discusses ecopsychology, bringing an expertise developed over years of working with the National Audubon Society. She believes humans and nature are interwoven and it is essential to keep this relationship healthy. 

David Elliott has over twenty years of experience in teaching and healing. His unique understanding of energy guides his students and readers to the central issues within themselves that prevent them from having a life full of abundance. His belief in his message has led him to offer his book for free in PDF format on Elliott ‘s selfless goal is to help you discover the power to heal yourself!

Valerie Harms is an author, teacher of workshops, journalistic consultant and business coach. She brings a passion for psychology and nature to her work, and was once honored by the United Nations as “Most Remarkable Woman.” Her work with the National Audubon Society has helped her develop her expertise on ecopsychology. She shares this with the world in her latest book, Dreaming of Animals.

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