Award-winning environmental journalist Joel K. Bourne Jr. spent much of his youth on his grandfather’s farm. His passion for farming led him to study agronomy and eventually report on rural issues for National Geographic . Bourne says his new book The End of Plenty is the story of the race to feed the world without wrecking it.

Book club favorite and New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Meg Waite Clayton, is the author of five novels. Her latest, 15 years in the making The Race for Paris, was inspired by real women journalists who defied military regulations and gender barriers to report WWII and the ?race for Paris,? vying to be among the first to report from the liberated city in the summer of 1944.

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Joel K. Bourne Jr. reports on the state of the modern food chain in his new book The End of Plenty… and it isn?t good He describes in riveting detail how we got ourselves into this mess, and how we might venture a way out. Equal parts journalist and advocate, Joel?s sympathy for working men and women led him to write about ?the corporate and government policies at the top that were putting those at the bottom at greater risk.? He also introduces us to the farmers whose innovations and dedication may very well save us from famine. Joel graduated with a BS in agronomy from North Carolina State University and is a contributing writer for National Geographic, also having written for Audubon, Science, and Outside, among others.

What was it like to be a driven and talented woman journalist in a world restricted by military regulations and gender barriers? Bestselling author Meg Waite Clayton delivers answers in her new novel, The Race for Paris. Opening in Normandy on June 29, 1944, the novel follows two tenacious American female war correspondents on their quest to document (and make) history by covering the liberation of Paris from the center of the action. Inspired by real women who took bold, grave risks to prove that they could report from the front lines of WWII just as powerfully as men Clayton reflects the extraordinary courage and determination of pioneering women in journalism. Meg is a New York Times bestselling author of four novels and has written for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Forbes, Writer?s Digest, Runner?s World, and public radio

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