Buildings have a story to tell us, if we know how to listen. Pulitzer-prize winning novelist and author Alison Lurie explores the fascinating secret language of architecture in The Language of Houses: How Buildings Speak to Us. But first, we’ll listen to the language of the heart as Vicki chats with couple’s therapist Linda Carroll on her new book Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love.

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The notions that passion always peters out, that there is a “seven-year itch,” and that the honeymoon is over once reality of routine life sets in have some truth to them. But veteran couple’s therapist and author Linda Carroll provides a road map to unravel the mysterious, often difficult, and wondrous journey of finding ever-lasting love. In Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love, she combines the physiological and psychological aspects of love with practical techniques for managing conflicts and developing greater intimacy, leading to creating a love that stands the rigors and tests of time. Carroll has worked as a couple’s therapist for over 3 decades and is a master teacher in the Pairs Psychoeducation Process, a nationally recognized relationship education program for couples.

While there are many books on architecture and building design, The Language of Houses: How Buildings Speak to Us goes beneath the surface to reveal what various structures reveal about their inhabitants and how they live their lives. Author Alison Lurie acts as interpreter and biographer for the buildings all around us, explaining how your own home can be as shameless as a tabloid. Lurie has penned 10 novels, three of which have been adapted for television, and has published a wide and eclectic variety of nonfiction books as well. She has received numerous awards and honors including Guggenheim and Rockefeller Foundation grants, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in fiction, and she is a member of both the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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