If we can imagine it, visualize it, and restore ancient truths swept beneath the rug and kicked to the curb by patriarchy, then we can manifest it! Hear solutions from visionaries, scholars, wayshowers, foremothers and activists – women and men – dedicated to reshaping our world in Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World, edited by returning guest Rev. Dr. Karen Tate.

Also today, leading expert on animal behavior and emotions Marc Bekoff argues that unless we rewild ourselves, becoming profoundly reconnected to nature and fundamentally shifting our consciousness, our conservation efforts will have limited impact. His new book is Rewilding Our Hearts: Building Pathways of Compassion and Coexistence.

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Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World, edited by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate, brings to the forefront the concept that a society dominated by patriarchy – male-dominated and revering a largely believed to be male God – is not working for Mother Earth. This collection of solutions from some of the brightest and most forward thinking visionaries and scholars of our time, both men and women, show that it’s not too late to bring about a course correction resulting in a more fair, equal, and just world of sharing, caring and peace. For over two decades, Karen’s work has been fueled by her intense interest and passion for travel, comparative religions, ancient cultures, and Goddess Spirituality and the resurging interest in the rise of the Feminine Consciousness.

In wildlife conservation work, rewilding refers to habitat restoration and the creation of corridors between preserved lands to allow declining populations to rebound. With Rewilding Our Hearts: Building Pathways of Compassion and Coexistence, Marc Bekoff, one of the world’s most engaging animal experts and activists, applies rewilding to human attitudes. Bekoff covers every aspect of changing our own course, including how to incorporate rewilding into our day to day activities, how to become reenchanted with nature even if you live in an urban setting, and how to stop feeling overwhelmed when facing a global crisis and the positive impact that facing world problems can have on us as individuals. Bekoff is professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and has worked alongside such leading writers and activists as Jane Goodall, Peter Singer, and PETA cofounder Ingrid Newkirk.

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