As we approach another year and embark on a fresh start or a continuation of the good fortune we enjoyed throughout 2013, please enjoy this encore presentation of Conversations Live! Vicki returns live next week for the first show of 2014!

Newberry and Carnegie award winning author Sharon Creech shares her inspirations and chats with Vicki about her latest work, The Boy on the Porch. Later, is family more sacred to you than sales? Filmmaker Dave Gardner and the Growthbusters team have put together an alternative to Black Friday shopping with their new documentary Hooked on Growth. Also today, writer Rivvy Neshama discusses her delightfully inspiring new book Recipes for a Sacred Life.

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Sharon Creech is back with a new novel that poignantly illustrates how love can be discovered in the strangest of circumstances. The Boy on the Porch begins with a couple returning home to find a young boy sleeping on their porch with a note from a parent unable to care for hm. Their lives take an unexpectedly joyous turn as they begin to raise the boy as their own… until the father returns and reclaims him. What happens next is at once heartbreaking and inspiring, and the surprise ending will leave you in tears. Creech has been honored with both the Carnegie Medal and Newberry Medal for her writing, and is a national bestseller with over a dozen novels in print.

To inspire a low-consumption holiday season this year, the Growthbusters team is organizing a free worldwide Black Friday screening of Hook On Growth via the internet. Families are encouraged to avoid malls and big chain stores, and reconnect to what the holidays are supposed to be about… playing games, eating great food, and spending time with loved ones. The screening event is Growthbusters way to spur on interesting conversation, have fun, and leave a small ecological footprint. Director Dave Gardner directs you to the Growthbusters website for further ideas to make the holidays more about family and less about consumerism.

Rivvy Neshama’s new book, Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles may sound like it’s a run of the mill self-help book, but nothing could be further from the truth. From dancing to forgiving, from walking at dawn to sharing dinner with a stranger, Neshama shares true short tales that are at once meaningful, playful, and inspiring. She proves she has a timeless wisdom, turning down-to-earth ordinary encounters into enriching and sacred moments that can be appreciated by readers of all ages and backgrounds. Neshama is a writer, editor, and community organizer who draws her unique spiritual path from many sources.

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