CBS News calls Rania Batayneh’s 1:1:1 diet plan one of 10 diet trends to watch in 2014. Learn how this ultra-simple program can help you lose pounds fast without sacrificing your favorite foods! Vicki is also joined today by registered dietitian Jill West to discuss her new book 400 Moms, a comprehensive “go-to” guide for busy moms everywhere, and licensed counselor Nathaniel David Smith with his new book Taming Your Temper

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One One One author and nutritionist Rania Batayneh introduces a new diet plan that only requires remembering the number one: eat one protein, one carb, and one fat at every meal. Rania used this method herself to lose 42 pounds in 6 months after the birth of her son, and has aided over 800 clients to drop thousands of pounds collectively with this simple program. The plan is perfectly adaptable to any lifestyle and allows you to still indulge in the things you love! Known as America’s Eating Strategist, Rania has a master’s in public health nutrition and works with clients nationwide through her consulting firm, Essential Nutrition For You.

The solution to childhood obesity may be found in one four-letter word: Moms! According to Jill West’s new book, 400 Moms: Discover What 400 Nutrition Experts Feed Their Kids, the foods we serve our children not only make a difference in their physical health and fitness, but can also greatly impact their behavior, success in school, and even their own self-esteem. Jill is an accomplished speaker, author, Registered Dietitian, Certified Health Coach, and most importantly, a mother of 3 boys!

Anger is an emotion we all share, and there is an element of danger in the fact that as a society we are becoming numb to incidents involving road rage, violence in schools and malls, even tragic events such as the bombing at the Boston Marathon. With Taming Your Temper, licensed counselor Nathaniel David Smith offers a real-life approach to understanding how angry thoughts translate into behaviors and actions that can destroy relationships, doom a career, or be harmful to the trangressor’s health and the health of those around them. Smith helps to identify triggers and provides ways to cool down before acting in an aggressive or destructive manner. His services have helped the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to rehabilitate offenders with deep rooted anger issues. You can find his book and learn more about his programs at

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