Think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Learn about the myths of entrepreneurship from a leading expert. And find out how to kick you career into high gear with a successful Manhattan-based business woman.

You dream of owning your own business … being your own boss … but what’s the reality behind entrepreneurship? Renowned expert, Scott Shane, says that many of the ideas we have about being our own boss our MYTHS. In The Illusions of Entrepreneurship: The Costly Myths that Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Policy Makers Live By, Shane takes a realistic look inside American entrepreneurism today, examining who entrepreneurs are, what they do, and what makes them successful. He’s the author or editor of 11 books and is currently A. Malachi Mixon III Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. See PODCAST of live show below.

In the second half of the show we’ll talk with successful entrepreneur Caitlin Friedman. Together with her business partner, Kimberly Yorio, Friedman has written The Girl’s Guide to Kicking Your Career into Gear: Valuable Lessons, True Stories, and Tips for Using What You’ve Got (A BRAIN!) to Make Your Worklife Work for You. Master the secrets of the New Girl’s Network; manage upwards to impress the right people; fight the stereotypes that often hold women back. These dynamic women have appeared on CNN, the Today Show, in Newsweek, Time, Real Simple and more. Read more about Friedman and Yorio at

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