For a family to function as a unit, everyone must have a role. As parents, it’s easy to get sidetracked by focusing only on the kids and their well-being. In Family Whispering, author Melinda Blau showcases how every member of a family has an important role to fill as everyone ages, matures, and inevitable shifts in relationships occur. But first, Vicki welcomes psychotherapist Marcia Naomi Berger to discuss her book Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love and how a half hour a week can bring you lasting love!

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All parents want what’s best for their children. The strategies in Melinda Blau’s new book Family Whispering, co-written with “The Baby Whisperer” the late Tracy Hogg, will improve a couple’s relationship and strengthen the entire family unit, including working wonders for children. 10 years in the making, the book alleviates the parent’s guilt and allows children to take real roles in running the family, increasing their confidence and competence while they grow, nurture, and become well rounded adults. Blau is an award-winning journalist with over 15 books and 100 magazine articles to her credit, and has spent the better part of her 40 year career studying relationships. She uses this real-life experience and stories from the trenches as a mother and grandmother to solidify her work.

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to fall into the “I just don’t have time right now” trap, and it can be difficult to make sure you are spending the right amount of time with your spouse. In Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love, psychotherapist Marcia Naomi Berger delivers a step-by-step guide on how to reconnect every week by holding a short meeting with an agenda that covers all bases with 4 simple points. She also covers other facets of fostering a healthy relationship such as debunking marriage myths, enhancing communication skills, and how to handle conflicts or verbal abuse. In addition to being a psychotherapist, Marcia has been a licensed clinical social worker for over 30 years, working with couples, individuals, families and groups.

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