If you’ve ever put off doing something that’s important to you, avoided stepping up to own the life you deserve, or told yourself you’re too busy to go play, you need to listen in today. Vicki talks with Dr. Neil Fiore about his groundbreaking solutions!

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If you find yourself doing anything BUT the thing you say you want to do, this program can help you get The NOW Habit! Vicki has personally used Dr. Neil Fiores techniques and found his work to be the single best thing she’s ever come across on procrastination. And she’s studied procrastination from both angles!
So whether you’re putting off finding a new job, new love, losing weight, or writing that best selling novel or killer music score that keeps playing in your head, join us today to learn how you can kick procrastination once and for all and enjoy guilt-free play! Dr. Fiore holds a doctorate in psychology, and guides managers, executives, and employees to reach peak performance.

Learn to use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure. Overcome the perfectionism and fear of failure that lie behind procrastination. Make your worry work for you. Use the ‘unschedule’ techniques to ensure more guilt-free play time!