Today’s guests both decided enough was enough … they were tired of waiting for life to be different. Weighing in at 220 lbs, Australia’s Annette Symlived on a permanent diet … one that wasn’t working! She’s now a best selling author of 5 low fat cookbooks endorsed by Diabetes Australia; and with no formal business training, Annette has become an award-winning businesswoman and Australia’s favorite weight loss expert. She’s also maintained her goal weight for the past 17 years. Joyce Chapman devoted her life to empowering others, first as a teacher for the California public school system, later as Director and developer of an innovative private school in San Diego. For the past 15 years, Joyce has helped thousands of dreamers flip those dreams into reality in her role as a consultant, speaker, counselor, coach, author and founder of Live Your Dream.Listen to Podcast and tell us what you think through the Contact Page.

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