Why would someone sell everything they own, pull roots, and travel for three years around the world alone… on a motorcycle? Allan Karl answers this and much more in FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection, a book that brings worldwide adventure to your table. And we mean adventure… Allan experienced being walked into the Colombian jungle at gunpoint, having to beg for a visa to enter Sudan, and crashing his bike and crushing his leg badly in Bolivia. It’s all intertwined with over 700 color photos and 40 global recipes!

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Through adventurous stories, 700+ color photos, and the flavors of local food in 40 global recipes, FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection brings the world to your table: the kindness of strangers, the beauty of humanity, the colors of culture, and the powerful gift of human connection. Of the many lessons author Allan Karl learned on the road, the most important is we are never alone. It’s always possible to connect with people, even in the most challenging and dangerous of circumstances. Allan is a world traveler, adventurer, photographer, author, entrepreneur, and inspirational keynote speaker. With an insatiable passion for travel, culture, people, and food, he has explored more than 60 countries, photographing, writing, and blogging about them along the way.

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