Eating and sex. Nearly everyone enjoys them, but are you doing them right? Our first guest today is an expert in creating a diet that can lead to better physical and mental health. Her second guests are a couple who are experts on sexually compulsive behavior. Enjoy Conversations Live every Monday at noon on KKNW 1150AM! 

Everyone experiences happiness at some point during their day, but can our diet encourage our brain to shift gears into that mode more often? Dr. Drew Ramsey’s new book, The Happiness Diet, shows that proper nourishment can help the brain to fire on all cylinders. His research has shown that the average American’s diet consists of an overabundance of mood-destroying foods that also lead to weight gain, while ignoring vital nutrients that are essential for a happy, well-balanced brain!

Can too much sexual activity be a bad thing? Sounds crazy, but it can be when it becomes an overwhelming addiction that damages a relationship from the inside out. George and Paldrom Collins are not only experts on the subject, they draw on their own personal experiences in recognizing, and ultimately defeating an addiction that could have easily destroyed what they hold the most dear. Their new book, A Couple’s Guide to Sexual Addiction, is designed to alert readers to the warning signs that sexual addiction has entered a relationship, and how to heal and repair any damage already done.

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