Old Dog Haven is a small nonprofit group using a large network of foster homes to provide a loving, safe home for abandoned senior dogs for as long as they have good quality of life. Placement Director Tina Nasbeth and Outreach Coordinator Paula Moreschi join us today to raise awareness for these canine castaways.

Today we’ll also be joined by Gary Wasdin, director for the King County Library System, to talk about the library’s new emphasis on generating community conversations on important topics, which will be sparked by their 2016 Everyone’s Talking About It initiative, encouraging everyone to make positive change by communicating and growing together.

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Old Dog Haven is a network of permanent foster homes for abandoned aging dogs to spend the remainder of their lives with a loving family. Through Old Dog Haven, all veterinary care is paid for, currently over $60,000 per month, and placement assistance is a priorty to people who need to re-home their senior dog. Despite the challenges of capacity (there is always a waiting list of dogs needing homes), funding and staffing (volunteers handle everything from PR to social media and event planning), Placement Director Tina Nasbeth and Outreach Coordinator Paula Moreschi share a passion for these furry friends that keeps them from ever becoming discouraged in making sure every one of them is healthy and happy in their twilight years.

The best way to engender positive change in any community is with communication, and King County Library System is looking to lead the charge towards bringing the community together with their 2016 Everyone’s Talking About It initiative. The goal is to spark an open forum where anyone can get involved, leading to wide participation in discussing topics that matter. KCLS director Gary Wasdin helps to kick off the campaign with Conversations Live.

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