Vicki’s joined today by three very different guests, but their common theme is that they all think outside the box, and each of them escaped the expected norm. Attorney, turned author Gretchen Rubin came to the realization she could be, should be, happier. Rubin spent the next year of her life on The Happiness Project, exploring what it’s really like to live the words of wisdom shared by icons from Aristotle to Oprah … her conclusions (like Yes, money can bring you happiness) might surprise you!

Then, 86-year old novelist Glenn Boyer has been called an icon, a maverick, historian, storyteller, and genius. Boyer talks about his new novel Where the Heart Was. And Danny Kofke is in one of the most noble, yet most underpaid professions, so he had to think outside the box to live well. Kofke shares his experience in How to Survive (Perhaps Even Thrive) on a Teacher’s Salary.

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