Nicolette Hahn Niman, author of Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production, returns to continue challenging environmentalists’ concepts of ecological stewardship and those raising cattle and producing beef to lead the way to a restorative, regenerative agriculture. She’ll talk about why it’s not enough to simply buy locally raised meat, and how the Big Food Industry is poisoning our food.

Americans typically change jobs every 4 years, which equates to 12 job changes in your lifetime. Today Vicki welcomes career management expert Martin Yate to share his Knock ‘Em Dead philosophy, offering practical methods to finding professional succes, personal fulfillment, and financial stability.

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Nicolette Hahn Niman is the author of Defending Beef. She previously served as senior attorney for the Waterkeeper Alliance, running their campaign to reform the concentrated production of livestock and poultry. In recent years she has gained a national reputation as an advocate for sustainable food production and improved farm-animal welfare. She is the author of Righteous Porkchop and has written for numerous publications, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, and The Atlantic online. She lives on a ranch in Bolinas, California, with her husband, Bill Niman, and their two sons, Miles and Nicholas.

Combining humor (“Everyone feels crappy when they are looking for a job”) with practicality (“Your resume is the most important financial document you will ever own”) along with his vast experience in decades of career management, Martin Yate has been helping people find great jobs for 30 years with his Knock ‘Em Dead books and philosophy. Yate’s own resume includes success as an international technology headhunter, Director of Human Resources for a Silicon Valley company’s technology division, and Director of Training and Development for a multi-national employment services company. He spent 25 years on the international lecture circuit until the wonders of webcasts and distance learning technology have allowed him to retire his grueling travel schedule.

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