The View’s Jenny McCarthy calls Tipping Sacred Cows “…raw, open, honest, and hilarious.” Author Betsey Chasse brings her sharp wit to Conversations Live to discuss the uplifting story of spilt milk, spirituality, and finding your way in a hectic world. Returning guest Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, shares a 3 step habit loop to trick your brain and make those New Year’s resolutions pay off! But joining Vicki first today is Brian Payton to discuss his gripping new novel The Wind is Not a River. Brian will be in Seattle on 1/29 and 1/30. Click here for details! 

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In a starkly beautiful and forgotten corner of the North Pacific, one of the most fascinating and least known battles of WWII took place on American soil in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. This unsettling series of events was supressed by the government at the time, but several daring journalists infiltrated the territory to attempt to report the story. This is the setting of Brian Payton’s latest novel, The Wind is Not a River. He chronicles two interwined tales… that of a bold journalist whose plane is shot down, finding himself perilously trapped in a battle against starvation, the elements, and Japanese troops behind enemy lines… and that of his distraught wife, who embarks on a bold quest against all odds to bring her husband home, taking her beyond the comfort of safety and into the farthest reaches of the war. Payton is a highly regarded and award-winning fiction and nonfiction writer, who has also written for some of the top media outlets such as the NY Times and Boston Globe. Brian will be appearing for a book signing and Q and A session at Elliott Bay Books on 1/29, and at Third Place Books on 1/30. Both appearances are at 7 PM.

Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Duhigg returns to Conversations Live today to further discuss the topic of his book, the aptly titles The Power of Habit. We have all made New Year’s Resolutions only to find ourselves losing interest or motivation in them, often before we even flip our calendar to February! So whether your resolution is run more, read more, hit the gym, or whatever you strive to accomplish, eat more chocolate. No, you read that right. Today Duhigg will demonstrate how using a cue like eating a piece of chocolate after accomplishing a goal can help to rewire (read: trick) your brain into creating a good new habit! Duhigg is an investigative reporter for the New York Times.
Attention spiritual flailers, those of you lost, wandering along the path to Enlightenment. You’ve meditated, fasted, perhaps even shaved your head… or are considering any of them. Don’t do it until you have read Betsey Chasse’s new book Tipping Sacred Cows! Betsey will help you discover that happiness is a state of mind and you are already there if you are willing to put in a little work to uncover your bliss and your mojo! She will help you reclaim your life and rethink what you “know” about spirituality, reality, and yourself! Betsey is a mom, filmmaker, author, radio host, and blogger, and is the co-creator of the hit film What the Bleep Do We Know?

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