The advancements in technology are changing the workplace at a faster rate than ever… but at what cost to the workforce? Find out how you can stay one step ahead with leading career expert and visiting scholar at Stanford Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti. But first, Vicki chats with Nicki Gilmour about women in technology, and Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir on how to REALLY relax when on vacation!

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The future we have read about in science fiction stories is nearly here. We are not far off from autonomous cars… endangering the careers of the taxi driver. Robotics have been used for a long time in healthcare, endangering the surgeon. Online college classes, self-serve checkout stands, ATM’s… these conveniences take the place of college professors, retail checkers, and bank tellers. The accelerated advancements in technology in our times have created a constant need for ANY worker to continually hone their skills, learn the technology, and keep on top of trends to ensure their continued viability. Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti is a prominent thought leader on careers, author of ten books, and a visiting scholar at Stanford researching the impact of technology on future careers. Her latest book is Women Lead: Career Perspectives From Workplace Leaders.

On vacation but can’t relax? A vacation might take the employee out of the workplace, but a new Harris Poll found that nearly a third of all Americans still work while away via their smart phones. If you want to find out how to truly de-stress and unwind, then you need to read Certainty: Make Your Dreams Come True. Author Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir offers simple techniques and strategies to help you unplug completely and not let your vacation become counter-productive. Dr. Beauvoir has worked as an intuitive, psychotherapist, teacher, author, speaker, pianist and composer, with over 25 years with a private practice.

As founder and CEO of Evolved People Media LLC, Nicki Gilmour is a dedicated workplace game changer with over a decade of experience in the media industry. In a recent article, the flagship website of her company, The Glass Hammer, issued a report examining the next generation of women leaders in technology and the responsiblities that companies have in supporting their development. Find out the three takeaways that will really make you think, and how women can leverage this information to their their advantage, as well as help leaders attract better talent to their teams.

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