Like the flecks of foam and sand left behind by ocean waves, your dreams are subconscious fragments left behind as your “child self” was absorbed into adulthood. In Dreaming Metaphysical, Marc Bregman examines how delving deeper into your Archetypal Dreamwork can bring that child self back to the forefront!
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To find our true child selves, we must journey through our dreams to the core of our souls. In Dreaming Metaphysical, Marc Bregman pulls together teachings and thoughts to dive deeper and give the reader instruction to undertake the journey to reconnect with the “child self.” Join Vicki as she chats with Bregman and find out how you can make that choice to reclaim the child self. Marc Bregman founded Archetypal Dreamwork in 1973 and has been evolving his work as a student of his own dreams as well as those of his clients. He and partner Christa Lancaster founded North Of Eden, an organization dedicated to his work, and have presented workshops and retreats throughout the world.

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