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How do you define adventure? Today’s guest says: “…it’s pushed me to pedal into the homelands of South Africa when everyone around me told me I’d lose my life …” It pushed his cultural limits in small Indian villages. Challenged him to visit Bosnia while troops and tanks were the norm. And prodded him to spend three months in Cuba when his government said he couldn’t.

Writer, photographer, and speaker Willie Weir is a columnist for Adventure Cyclist magazine and a traveling commentator for KUOW public radio. His articles on adventure travel earned him gold and bronze Lowell Thomas Awards from the American Society of Travel Writers. Weir speaks at schools, universities and events around the country, advocating the bicycle as the world’s best travel vehicle–as well as a vehicle for social and environmental change. He’s the author of Spokesongs and his latest book, Travels with Willie: Adventure Cyclist. More about Willie Weir.

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