From comic books, to New York Times bestselling novels, to co-creating a critically acclaimed tv series, Brad Meltzer has shared his prodigious writing skills with the world for most of his life. But no project has been as close to his heart as his latest book, Heroes For My Son. Vicki discusses this touching project as well as the rest of Meltzer’s eclectic body of work.  

Having written six New York Times Bestselling works of fiction, Brad Meltzer takes his first foray in the world of non-fiction writing with Heroes For My Son, a collection of stories about remarkable historical figures, some famous, some unknown. He finds the single moment within each of these stories that makes the person a hero, his goal being to inspire and teach his son that anything is possible, even with the odds stacked against him.

Along with his success as a novelist, Meltzer had a stint writing the Justice League of America comic book series, among other comic book projects. He was also the co-creator of the television series Jack and Bobby. In addition to his writings, Meltzer runs his own charity site,

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