At once neurotic and hilarious, author Brian Leaf chronicles his immersion into alternative parenting approaches in the witty Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi. But eventually children fly the coop, and Wendy Aronsson is there to counter the anxiety and help manage the changes that come with in Refeathering the Empty Nest. Finally, Dr. Jamie Koufman returns to explain why your breathing troubles may have been misdiagnosed as asthma in The Chronic Cough Enigma.

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Brian Leaf has struck the perfect balance between honesty, humor, passion, and compassion,” says actress and PhD Mayim Bialik in her praise of the author’s new book, Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi. He begins the book by spilling the contents of his coat pocket (which includes one clean diaper and one pair of soiled children’s underwear) and takes the reader on a ever enthusiastic, neurotic and hilarious immersion into alternative parenting. Brian’s unique and humorous perspectives on life as a parent makes his advice and techniques easy to follow and easy to master. He is the owner and director of the holistic New Leaf Learning Center in western Massachusetts and has spent 23 years studying, practicing, and teaching yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.

A nice, clean and quiet house. Time to focus on leisure activities, or refocus your energy on exciting new projects you had been putting off. These are the benefits of seeing the last of your children fly the coop and embark on their own life’s journey out from under your wing. But licensed psychotherapist Wendy Aronsson knows many couples face the prospect of an empty nest with anxiety and trepidation. In Refeathering the Empty Nest: Life After the Children Leave, Aronsson provides parents with practical advice on how to face this new chapter of their lives and make the transition productively and forging stronger relationships with their now-young adults. Wendy holds her own private practice as a psychotherapist in Greenwich, CT, and has been a consultant and guest lecturer at area schools and their associated organizations.

Think you might have asthma? If you’ve been coughing and wheezing like crazy, then that seems like a reasonable diagnosis, right? Not so fast, cautions Dr. Jamie Koufman. Focus for a moment on your trouble breathing… if you have trouble breathing IN instead of OUT, you might be actually suffering from silent reflux, not asthma. “Eighty percent of people diagnosed with asthma are misdiagnosed,” estimates Koufman, a pioneering laryngologist, whose new book The Chronic Cough Enigma delves into how to recognize, properly diagnose, and treat neurogenic and reflux-related cough. Dr. Koufman has lectured widely around the globe and is recognized as one of America’s leading laryngologists. She is professor of Clinical Otolaryngology at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary at New York Medical College. She is an award winning doctor, including receiving a lifetime achievement award from the American Laryngological Association.

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