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If Robyn Benincasa sets out to do somthing, you better believe it’s going to get done! She is a 2-time Adventure Racing Champion, 2-time Guiness World Record distance kayaker, and a full time San Diego firefighter. It is that very drive and determination, coupled with a marketing degree from Arizona State University, that has also led Robyn to be one of the nation’s foremost speakers and analysts of leadership styles in business environments. Her new book, How Winning Works, 8 Essential Leadership Lessons from the Toughest Teams on Earth, is the focus of a new Fast Company article. Robyn’s leadership and teamwork presentations have been inspirations to industry leaders such as Starbucks, Aflac, Microsoft, Nestle, and many more!

Communication is a huge factor in developing strong, synergistic relationships.  Sylvia Henderson’s coaching programs, events and online resources help individuals and organizations communicate to build and strengthen relationships.  With a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s in Business Administration, plus over 30 years of corporate, non-profit, and entrenprenurial experience, she is well equipped to help you clarify, strategize, and implement your ideas.  She has authored several books, including Hey, That’s MY Idea!  How to Speak Up and Get Recognized for What You Know and Think.  Get your complimentary chapters of Sylvia’s book and stay connected with her at IdeaSuccessNetwork.com.

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