Diane Hammond’s protagonist loved two things: his wife and his elephant. And David Jerome bases his novel around this premise: when a father’s dying wish is for his ashes to be sprinkled in each state … what’s a son to do?

Diane Hammond’s new novel Hannah’s Dream is based in the rolling hills of the northern Puget Sound, where things don’t just happen, they unfold. Hammond’s third book is based on her experiences taking care of Keiko, the killer whale featured in the Free Willy movies … she changed the whale into an elephant, and produced a whale of a story (terrible pun but good book!). Later in the show, we’re joined by former Tonight Show writer and author, David Jerome. Roastbeef’s Promise is loosely based on Jerome’s own experiences while visiting the 48 contiguous United States and combines two of his biggest passions: travel and comedy. He will also share some cost-saving ideas for road trips and tell how to receive discounts and free event tickets.

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