Enter the watery depths of the ocean as Vicki’s second guest examines the impact the oceans have on the current state of the environment, as well as the future. But first, one of the nation’s leading experts on anxiety disorders offers advice on how to overcome those anxious moments that plague us all! Join us every Monday at Noon Pacific for Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair on KKNW 1150AM!

The Washington Post call’s Julia Whitty’s Deep Blue Home “a dream of a book, vivid yet langourous, rich in detail, richer still in emotional impact.” A diver with three decades of experience, Whitty is uniquely qualified to write a book on the ecology of our oceans. The center of her book focuses on what she describes as a three-dimensional ocean river, a watery force far more powerful than the Nile or Amazon that encircles the globe, connecting to the Earth’s climate control and thus the eventual fate of the human race. In addition to her work as a nature documentary filmaker, Whitty is the environmental correspondent for Mother Jones.

Freeing Yourself From Anxiety, by clinical psychologist Dr. Tamar Chansky, is not only for those who struggle with depression and anxiety disorders, but for anyone who wishes to learn how to react to moments of anxiety in a more effective manner. The book begins with a thorough examination of how anxiety originates in the brain, and includes insights into harnessing our own ability to change negative thoughts. Chansky then takes the reader through four simple steps to seeing problems in a more rational light and finding productive solutions, in effect demonstrating how to use your “internal gps” to avoid the road that leads to worry and stress. Chansky is the acclaimed author of several books and the founder and director of the Children’s and Adults Center for OCD and Anxiety.

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