Today’s show features a unique roundtable discussion with 3 of the Pacific Northwest’s finest and most creative bestselling authors. 

They will discuss where the publishing world is heading, the formation of Seattle7Writers, and how it is making a difference in the lives of many in the area.

Garth Stein’s latest work is the New York Times bestseller The Art of Racing in the Rain. He is an award winning author, who has also directed and produced several award winning documentary films. Jennie Shortridge has published four bestselling novels, most recently When She Flew; she’s a founding member of Seattle7Writers. And Bharti Kirchner is an award winning cook who has penned eight books, four novels and four cookbooks. She has also written numerous essays and articles on food, travel, fitness, and lifestyle. They will be joined by Rebecca Hoogs, the director of Writers in the Schools. Hoogs is collaborating with Seattle7Writers to make a difference in the way writing and reading are approached in schools.

Originally formed over a cup of coffee in 2006, Seattle7Writers is an organization of local authors that encourages support of our reading and writing communities. Seattle7Writers promotes Northwest literature, acknowledging the potential of many talented and intriguing writers, right here in our backyard.

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