Today Vicki welcomes Dr. Laurie Marker and wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas, who have teamed up to present the most intimate portrait yet of the world’s fastest land animal, and how we can help save this magnificent but endangered cat in A Future for Cheetahs.

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The cheetah is Africa’s oldest big cat, and with over 90% of their population decimated over the last 100 years, also it’s most endangered.  Dr. Laurie Marker left her position with the Smithsonian, moving to Nambia and founding the Cheetah Conservation Fund in an effort to raise awareness for the plight of the cheetah, which at the current rate of population decline could become extinct in our lifetimes.  Dr. Marker’s new book, A Future for Cheetahs shares the story of the cheetah’s race against being wiped from our planet, from someone who works with them up close and personally.

Award-winning wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas spent nearly three years living on her own as a young woman in a bush camp in Africa in order to get very unique photos of the cheetahs for Dr. Marker’s book.  She often spent months following the same cheetah daily from sunrise to sunset, and her patience and perseverance has resulted in some of the most striking, unique, and intimate portraits of the cheetah.

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