Vicki’s guest today is a 2006 Readers’ Choice Winner for Fast Company magazine’s “Fast 50” list of leading creative thinkers.

Bobbi DePorter is a dynamic author, business leader, and member of the Transformational Leadership Council. She is also the President of SuperCamp, the original Academic and Life Skills summer camp — unique in that it deals with the whole person, providing practical learning skills, while developing the life skills of the teenage and pre-teen campers.

After studying Dr. Georgi Lozanov’s work on accelerated learning techniques (ALT), DePorter herself became a pioneer in the field. She co-founded a successful business school, and then went on to apply the same strategies to school-age children.

Tune in Monday at noon to find out how ALT can help you in business, at home, on job sites, and in the classroom. And learn more about the SuperCamp coming to the University of Washington this summer. See more at