Take one part sustained confidence, mix in the 4 Disciplines of Execution, and top it off with outside-the-box creativity, and you have a recipe for success in pursuits in work and in life. Vicki’s guests today are all experts in motivations associated with each of those ingredients. Put them all together and you can’t lose! Join Vicki St. Clair for Conversations Live every Monday at noon Pacific on KKNW 1150AM! 

All it takes is a few rejections and the confidence and energy you began your job hunt with can plummet. Once that self doubt sets in, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain ambitious about seeking gainful employment. Psychotherapist Heather M. Hunter believes the counter-measure to that slide is to recognize the pattern and stay a step ahead. “If you know how the grind of a job hunt can affect you, you can prepare yourself mentally, which in the end, can get you hired,” she notes. Hunter holds a degree in psychology and specializes in wellbeing as a lifestyle strategist, where she counsels clients on all aspects of life, including career.

Whether you are a project coordinator, lead a small sales team, run a fortune 500 company, or simply want to create better results in your personal life, you can benefit from the 4 Disciplines of Execution. Co-author Chris McChesney believes that these disciplines represent a major breakthrough in how to move teams, organizations, and individuals forward and profoundly change the way you approach your goals. McChesney is a leadership consultant, executive advisor, and speaker for FranklinCovey Speaker’s Bureau, who he has been with for 20 years.

Many assume creativity is an asset one is born with and it cannot be learned. In her new book inGenius, executive director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program and international bestseller Tina Seelig sets out to prove that theory wrong. WIth this book the award-winning professor offers readers a practical guide to improve creativity, foster innovation, and bring an entrepreneurial mindset to all aspects of life. She demonstrates how companies such as Twitter, Apple, Facebook, and even Amazon used creative thinking to go from being modest startups to global icons. Seelig holds a Ph.D in neuroscience, and in 2009 was awarded the highly prestigious Gordon Prize for her innovative work in technology, engineering and education.

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