Today’s guest applied seven years of study into understanding the impact of food and environmental toxins on the health and brain function of children. But she’s not promoting a ‘diet’ – she calls herself a ‘diet synthesizer’.

Julie Matthew’s goal is to empower people’s ability to further health and healing. We’ll discuss how biochemical imbalances create a neurological disorder; how genetics come into play; how environmental toxins can alter genetics; beneficial dietary options; and a holistic nutritional approach to healing.

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder, and has been a DAN practitioner for five years. Her work is based on scientific research, biochemistry, and the healing role of nutrition. She has her own private practice and radio show in San Francisco. See more about Julie Matthews’ book Nourishing Hope: Nutrition Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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