She survived avalanches, insulin shock in sub-zero temperatures, and dangerous mountainside rescue operations.  Would those same survival skills help save her husband from a rare and fatal liver disease? Join us Monday at noon Pacific / 3 PM Eastern time to find out!

Kim Kircher is a Professional Ski Patroller, EMT and Type-I diabetic who lives life on the edge–throwing bombs to create safe avalanches, saving skiers’ lives in perilous conditions–all while keeping herself at an arm’s length from diabetic shock in the cold. When her husband was diagnosed with liver cancer and informed he needed a liver transplant within nine months in order to live, Kircher turned to her expertise in crisis management to weather the storm. In her new book, The Next 15 Minutes: Strength from the Top of the Mountain, she expertly juxtaposes her crisis experiences on the slopes with the extreme nature of her husband’s illnesses.

Also joining Vicki today is Annette Sym, whose low fat cooking recipes have been endorsed by the Diabetes Association. She can take you from fat to fabulous without missing the food you love, all based on her own experiences. She is Australia’s #1 lowfat cookbook author, and her latest book, Symply Too Good To Be True is available in an American version! Annette turned a dream into a multi-million dollar company and has won many awards for her business acumen.

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