Brenda Shoshanna, PhD, shares how Jewish Dharma can work for you. Award-winning author Amy Bloom discusses her novel Away. And entrepreneurial expert Scott Shane returns to tell you what Angel Investors really look like and where you can find money to launch your idea. Listen LIVE at noon on KKNW am 1150 or 98.9 HD. Or stream LIVE via the Net.

Brenda Shoshanna, PhD, says that nearly one million practicing Buddhists in the United States also identify themselves as Jewish. Learn what these practices have in common and how they converge to calm, support, and help build relationships. See more about Brenda Shoshanna; her new book is A Guide to the Practice of Judaism and Zen, Jewish Dharma.

Amy Bloom’s novel Away became an instant bestseller. The Washington Post Book World writes, “The whole novel reads like dry wood bursting into flame: desperate, impassioned, erotic, moving.” Away is based on the true story of a young Russian immigrant girl in the 1920’s, who walked from New York City to Alaska, trying to return to Russia. What inspired Amy Bloom to write this? We’ll find out!

And if you’ve ever wondered how and where people find the money to launch or revitalize a business, entrepreneurial expert, Scott Shane returns to take the mystery out of what an Angel Investor looks like … how you can find one, and what questions you should ask. His new book is Fool’s Gold? The Truth Behind Angel Investing in America.

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