“When I grow up, I want a mundane, 9-5 workaday cubicle life.” Perhaps no one has ever uttered this phrase, but many wind up in just that predicament. Avoiding that fate, Seattle based Holly Brown took her passion as a foodie to develop her own unique career on her terms! Today’s show also features returning guest Roxi Hewertson to follow up on her conversation with Vicki regarding what it takes to be a great leader! 

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If it’s food related, Holly Brown has the answer. On her exclusive website, The Brown Lounge.com, Holly features recipes including appetizers, entrees, desserts, ethnic foods, and how to pair it with the perfect wine from her award-winning winemaker husband! Let Holly inspire your next dinner party!

Roxi Hewertson is back to follow up on her recent segment on Conversations Live, sharing her unique expertise on the skills needed to be an effective leader versus a contributor. She has decades of experience in learning the truths about how and why leaders – great, mediocre, and awful – lead the way they do. Roxi is the CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc.

Paul Huljich was a successful CEO, but what led to his achievements also created enough unchecked stress to send him barreling into a severe nervous breakdown. Despite doctor’s repeatedly telling him he was beyond repair, Huljich found a way to cure himself through a nine-step lifestyle solution he shares in his new book Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution.

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