She says you’re either part of the revolution, or part of the problem … and whether you’re one of this country’s 15 million unemployed, or one of its 30 million entrepreneurs, Kim Lavine shares how to change your life for as little as $500. And expert Jill Spiegel shares how to show up with confidence for any situation by learning to not just talk, but connect with anyone. PODCAST.

“It’s a time of historic opportunity” says Mommy Millionaire Kim Lavine “and I’m going to prove it by going on the road to show people HOW TO start a business for $500, find the boom markets in this economy, use our power as consumers to change the world.” Kim Lavine’s latest work is bringing everything she’s learned from the front-lines of business, private equity, media, entertainment, government, design, international sourcing and manufacturing and publishing to THE MOMMY MANIFESTO.

If talking to people gets you tongue-tied, and stops you going after what—or who—you really want, stay tuned to hear what Jill Spiegel has to say in her latest work: How To Talk To Anyone About Anything! – The Secrets to Connecting. She’ll share how to enter every situation with confidence, how to turn around challenging confrontations, how to engage people with mind messages or positive thinking. Jill Spiegel has been featured on the Oprah Show, The Today Show, in People magazine; and through her books, CD’s, and appearances, inspires people to reach out and connect.

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