Start picking up good vibrations right now! You can use your own energy and eating habits to create and maintain your own happiness by learning the six fundamental questions of the Mindful Eating Cycle. Later, the creator of The Way can have you feeling fantastic in nine days! Enjoy this Conversations Live encore presentation! Vicki returns live December 3rd.

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“Happiness is an energy which can be created from the inside out.” So says 9 Days To Feel Fantastic creator John Whiteman. To prove his point, Whiteman takes you on a fabulous journey incorporating The Way, his own philosophy using your mind, body, and spirit in a practical way to create and shape a life that flows the way you want it to. At the core of this philosophy are the 9 elements which, when used to their fullest extent, will help you find internal balance while creating the momentum needed to keep your life moving forward and allow you to achieve your goals. Whiteman is a well regarded inspirational speaker in both personal and business development. Click here to take the 9 Element Test and find out how much balance and momentum you currently have in your life!

Dr. Michelle May is a recovered yoyo dieter and founder of the Am I Hungry? mindful eating workshops. She specializes in teaching skills for understanding hunger and getting more in sync with our bodies’ cues and signals surrounding nourishment. In her book Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes, she takes a special look at a decision making model called the Mindful Eating Cycle, which is a series of six fundamental questions designed to increase awareness and insights about decisions throughout the process of eating. It also takes a look at reducing and eliminating problematic eating behaviors such as non-hunger based and emotionally based eating. Dr. May is a board certified family physician with 14 years of clinical experience. She received her medical degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, and has served as Chief Resident at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix.

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