Are you the one-in-three Americans dissatisfied with your life? Or the one-in-four addicted to a substance or behavior? Or one of the 80% of women who has body issues? According to today’s guest, it’s because of our obsession with success; what’s his solution? And if you work in sales – and everyone does at some level – learn how identifying your zebra can help you close 90% of your pitches.

Jim Ruben’s own brush with American urgency soured him on the 24/7 work life: “The intention of this book is to free me and tens of millions like me from the hamster’s treadmill,” he says. The author ties mindless ambition in the U.S. to major depression, addiction, personal and public debt and even the popularity of American Idol. Rubens is the former senator of New Hampshire and describes himself as a serial entrepreneur. He’s now a venture investor and the author of OverSuccess, Healing the American Obsession with Wealth, Fame, Power, and Perfection. We’ll look at some positive ways to satisfy the drive for recognition and achievement without the toxicity of OverSuccess.

Also in this hour, Selling to Zebras. Yes … a strange title for a book that’s about closing 90% of the business you pursue. But authors Jeff Koser and Chad Koser know that everything is ultimately about selling. And they have tools, tips, and strategies to help you identify ideal prospects, close the sale more quickly, and achieve better work-life balance. You’ve just got to identify your zebra!