New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lori Foster joins us today to talk about the first book of her highly anticipated new Ultimate series, No Limits. Then find out what happened when rock star Stephen Merritt of Magnetic Fields combines his love of rhyme and Scrabble with the illustrations of a New Yorker cartoonist in his first book, 101 Two Letter Words. Later, James MacManus returns to Conversations Live to discuss his historical novel Sleep In Peace Tonight.

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NYT and USA Today bestseller Lori Foster is back and embarking on a new series of books known as the Ultimate series. The smoldering debut effort is No Limits, in which a mixed martial arts fighter is reunited via a surprise inheritance with the woman he’s never forgotten. In addition to being a mainstay on various bestselling lists, Lori is heavily involved in charity work, believing strongly in giving back to the community.

Joining Vicki for the third time is James MacManus, whose third novel, the historical Sleep In Peace Tonight, tells the story of Harry Hopkins, who in 1941 who was sent to London to gauge the escalating situation regarding World War II. Hopkins was instrumental in encouraging FDR to join forces with Winston Churchill to defeat Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. MacManus is currently the managing director of The Times Literary Supplement in London. He is also the author of The Ocean Devil which was made into a film starring Jonathan Rhys Davis.

What happens when rock star Stephen Merritt of Magnetic Fields, combines his love of rhyme and Scrabble, with the illustrations of renowned New Yorker cartoonist, Roz Chast? The result is his first book, 101 Two Letter Words. In the introduction, Merritt explains the impetus for the book, a back story involving the reality of his life as a touring musician (who spends a lot of time waiting in airports and hotels) and his passion for Scrabble and Words with Friends. With his band the Magnetic Fields, Merritt has written, recorded, and produced ten albums, including the highly acclaimed 69 Love Songs, which was named one of the 500 best albums of all time by Rolling Stone.

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