Personal life coach Mark Susnow takes his readers on an enlightening journey of self-discovery in his book Dancing on the River. And Leslie Dunton-Downer discusses her fascinating book that examines how the English language is sweeping the world.

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Mark Susnow’s life journey is certainly unique and varied. He was a trial attorney for 30 years, and spends many evenings entertaining audiences as a versatile club musician. Perhaps most importantly, he has helped over 1000 people find joy and meaning in facing the rapid changes life can bring. In Dancing on the River, he demonstrates how to experience life to the fullest from within.

Called “persuasive and entertaining” by BookPage, The English is Coming is a witty and engaging look at what the future holds for the English language. It explores the global importance of English, and the evolution of it’s role as it perpetually expands its influence across the world. Author Leslie Dunton-Downer is a former Harvard lecturer and noted author on Shakespeare.

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