Join Vicki St. Clair for this exclusive Conversations Live encore presentation! Vicki will return live next week. How can captioning cute photos of cats evolve into a successful Internet business featured in newspapers and magazines around the world? Ben Huh, CEO of I Can Has Cheezburger shares his insight. And what you need to know to stop the panic flow in today’s job market and how you can actually make it work for you with America’s #1 Career Consultant, Andrea Kay. 

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Some call him the world’s foremost expert in the captioning of cat pictures. Some say, he is allergic to cats. Either way, his highly successful companies are party in the front, business in the back. Ben Huh describes himself as an Internet Content Connoisseur. He’s a former engineer and the CEO of Pet Holdings, Inc., the company behind the hugely popular blogs I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog and others. We’ll discuss the success of his sites, which Huh attributes to his knowledge of memes, viral content, and crowd-sourcing.

Andrea Kay is recognized as one of America’s leading career experts. A Conversations Live favorite, Andrea Kay joins us to give an update on how to navigate today’s career market. She’s noticed that many people are hurting themselves and will share how to unblock the fear that’s clouding good sense. We’ll also discuss what we need to do differently to develop a cohesive action plan and stop the panic flow; and what we need to ‘let go of’ and embrace during these challenging times. Andrea Kay is the author of numerous books; her latest is Work’s a Bitch and Then You Make It Work: 6 steps to go from pissed off to powerful.

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