According to the head of Harvard’s Consumer Bankruptcy Project, more women file for bankruptcy than graduate from college, suffer heart attacks, or are diagnosed with cancer. Alarming statistics but today’s guest,“The Money Therapist” has solutions for you.

Marcia Brixey says that many women have been left out of financial planning and investment decisions, and others are in denial. But with the divorce rate at 50% for first marriages, and the fact that women typically live longer than men, it’s time to take charge of our own financial fitness. Brixey highlights gender-specific economic issues and addresses everything from getting out of credit card debt to safeguarding our identity. She shares many ways that women can get their financial house in order in her new book, The Money Therapist: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Healthy Financial Life. Marcia is the founder of Money Wi$e Women Educational Services and is a regular on KING TV Morning News and Q13 Morning News. Find out more about Marcia Brixey and her work at and

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