Out of prison and nowhere to go? Author and attorney Laura Caldwell’s Life After Innocence Project examines the difficulty of re-inventing a life once a debt to society is paid. Also today, VIcki chats with returning guest Jen Marlowe regarding A Life in the Balance: Examining the Troy Davis Case, about a condemned man with a compelling case of innocence.

Laura Caldwell began the Life After Innocence Project at Loyola University Chicago School Of Law where she is a Distinguished Scholar in Residence and professor. The goal of the project is to recognize that a person’s legal issues continue once they have served their sentence, and it is oftentimes a struggle to get their criminal records expunged from the public records. In her spare time, Caldwell has managed to churn out another exciting new read featuring plucky heroine attorney Izzy McNeil. Claim of Innocence is a tautly paced thriller inspired by Caldwell’s chilling first-hand look at our legal system.

Returning guest Jen Marlowe, an author, activist, and filmmaker, has recently been working closely with Amnesty International on the four part video series A Life in the Balance: Examining the Troy Davis Case. While the execution date for Troy Davis is expected to be announced this month, there is compelling evidence for clemency, based on serious questions regarding the original investigation, how and why the case against him has unraveled, and how difficult it is to prove innocence within the confines of the legal system’s appeal process. The series, which can be seen in it’s entirety on AIUSA’s Youtube playlist, is intended to not only educate, but to inspire concerned individuals to take action to prevent the execution of a man who may be innocent.

Finally, Vicki welcomes the founder of the wildly popular design site DesignSponge.com, Grace Bonney. DesignSponge.com demonstrates step-by-step tips to give your living space that “it” factor, regardless of your style, usable space, or budget! Bonney’s site began as a tiny blog, and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon getting over 1 million hits a month by people looking for easy, chic ways to personalize their homes!

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