Does your body talk to you? It does if you listen to it, and body-centred therapist, Steve Sigold, shares how to do just that. Also, if you think Osteoporosis is just an “old ladies’ disease”, think again. Dr. Keith McCormick examines what we all — male and female — need to know! .

Steve Sisgold has worked with Kenny Loggins, Gay Hendricks and other stars who say his work has changed their lives. He’s a body-centered therapist, author, speaker, and practitioner who has taught thousands how to use their innate body intelligence to create better health, prosperity and richer, more authentic relationships. Doesn’t that sound like something you want? Learn more about Steve at; his book is What’s Your Body Telling You?

Dr. Keith McCormick is a leading expert on Osteoporosis and the changes you can make to strengthen fragile bones and avoid further loss of density. He specializes in the nutritional management of Osteo and has written a phenomenal book called The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis. You can find out more about Dr. Keith McCormick and Osteoporosis at at

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